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    1. Charging gun waterproof detection, IP66/IP67 waterproof detector, Hili waterproof testing equipment application

      With the implementation of the national “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, new energy vehicles have been vigorously developed, and the demand for charging guns has increased geometrically. An important quality of charging guns is waterproof, so waterproof testing of charging guns has become a new energy source. The first problem that car manufacturers pay attention to.

      The demand for rechargeable guns, the traditional waterproof detection method can not meet its needs, so many companies have adopted a new type of waterproof testing equipment (waterproof detector), which is a hermetic testing equipment using compressed air detection method It is a testing device for the purpose of waterproof testing. Suitable for waterproof detection of rechargeable guns, IP65/IP66/IP67 waterproof detection, and higher level waterproof test. At present, many waterproof testing instruments produced by many companies in the city are single-channel, that is, only one pair of charging guns are tested at the same time, and multiple charging guns can not be tested at the same time, resulting in waste of labor and efficiency.

      And Xili Instruments recently introduced a new type of air tightness tester (multi-channel air tightness tester), which is a waterproof test for multiple charging guns at the same time, IP65/IP66/IP67 waterproof detection, and more A high level waterproof test. In the case of ensuring the stability and accuracy of the test, the test efficiency is maximized and the cost of waterproof detection is reduced.

      How does the Xili air tightness tester perform IP67 waterproof detection on the charging gun? The method is as follows (Shenzhen a company applied the Xili air tightness tester to the waterproof detection of the charging gun, IP67 waterproof test case)

      1. The shape of the root gun is made into a sealed tool.

      2. Connect the test port of the airtightness tester.

      3. Set the parameters of the airtightness tester (the pressure required for the IP67 waterproof test is 15KPA, the inflation time is 3 seconds, the voltage stabilization time is 2 seconds, the test time is 3 seconds, the exhaust time is 2 seconds, and the allowable leakage limit).

      4. Finally, the airtightness tester can be used to perform the waterproof test. The instrument will judge the waterproof performance of the rechargeable gun according to the leak value, whether it has reached the IP67 waterproof test level, and has corresponding prompts (sound prompt, light prompt, screen display).


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