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    1. Mobile phone case waterproof test - IP67 waterproof test - application case

      Mobile phone case waterproof test-IP67 waterproof test-Xili application case

      The following is a process for a company to use the Xili air tightness tester to detect the IP67 waterproof test of the mobile phone case.


      1. Make a sealed tooling according to the shape of the shell of the shell

      2. Connect the test interface of the air tightness tester to the tool.

      3. Set the corresponding parameters, such as inflation pressure, inflation time, test pressure, voltage regulation time, test time, exhaust time and other necessary parameters.

      4. Put the phone case in a closed tool, start the airtightness tester for testing, and record the leak value. Need to test multiple phone cases.

      5. Determine the waterproof rating of the phone case (such as IP67 waterproof test level), put the tested phone case into the IP67 waterproof level waterproof test environment to test, find the maximum allowable leakage value of the phone case, which is the critical point.

      6. Enter this leak value into the position of the maximum allowable leakage value of the Hitachi airtightness tester.

      7. Then you can carry out the IP67 waterproof test of the mobile phone case in batches.

      The same IP66, IP68 waterproof test steps are also shown above, but the parameters are different.


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